Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cruz Quebrada "Beach", Sunday morning, 13th May.

First, I would like to use this post to tell anyone who may be thinking: "One-way traffic from Icarus this week" - You are right, Mate. That is mostly true. So, now I'm 'free', I want to do a lot of blog-tourism this weekend, which is perfect just for that kind of tourism. Patchy grey/sun weather, threats of further heavy rain. Also, all those mails to reply to...
I have got through another kind of torrent - the work embarked on & completed between last Friday and Wednesday has left me tired, but richly satisfied and I feel pretty good in myself. Rewarding & rewarded, in all senses.
Now, these are 4 of about 50 taken early-ish 2 Sundays ago, when I drove to and beyond Lisbon, just to get these views of yet another mega US war machine. Whenever they sail in for R & R, they always park in this place, which I realised 2 years ago is the nearest we can get to observe it. It is not a beach in the sun-&-sand-holiday sense. I would NEVER go into the water here, or even sunbathe. The real beaches start where the sea takes over from the Tejo Estuary, about 5 miles/8 kms further along. This is kind of poor, but has a lot of recreational opportunities - walking, jogging or cycling along a wide path right between the shore and the main Lisbon-Cascais railway, fishing & the national stadium sports complex is across the main road, dramatically set in a pine forest.
Cruz Quebrada means 'broken cross'...If Patti Smith could see this, I reckon she'd write a strong poetic song, not being the greatest fan of US war machines.
This sunbather is saying: "Yeah, but am I bovvered, though?":-

One of my fellow beach-combers, apparently not a marine, but a wannabee?:-

You know those fishermen's stories, with their "It was THIS big, honest!"? Well, look what this guy has caught!:-

I like this view back into Central Lisbon & our fantastic 25 de Abril Bridge, with the huge Cristo Rei monument on the opposite hill:-

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UPDATE: It didn't happen, did it? I knew it wouldn't last. A job arrived and that put an end to any hope of being a blog-tourist today. There is a word for it, that's just behind my teeth, begins with "S" & ends with "T".


Ame said...

Hey STEEEEEEEEEEEEEWY! Long time no HEAR MATE! You're so sweet...thanks for checkin' in on MOI! ;)

I"m doing fine....just got the last of Dad's furniture moved out today!

And will do a quick clean job and turn in the keys tomorrow!

Ahhhhhhhhhh....great pix...and you're SUCH a JOKER....LOVE that fishing one...a BIG CATCH INDEED! LOL!

I really wish I was just lingering down on a Santa Cruz beach today...might go tomorrow....or even Monday...our Memorial Day Holiday!

OK, just know that I'm AOK! And will try someday to get back into the blog swing!


PS: If you're reading...HI CARLOS! HI PAULY!!! And everyone else who just night see this and vaaaaaaaaguely remember who the HECK I AM! LOL! ;)

photowannabe said...

Stewart, these are great shots. Too bad your relaxation didn't last longer but jobs are good for the checkbook. Love the fisherman's "catch" and the shot of "MY" bridge...

RUTH said...

Had to smile at the fisherman's catch. Good you can keep your humour with so much work going on. Next weekend you REST!!!...turn off the phone and escape for a while.

Audrey said...

Another superb post Stewart, more great photos, commentary and that splash of humour..wonderful.

I should imagine deadlines,accuracy and concentration are all key words when it comes to your work Stewart, but for now I sense the emotion behind the one that begins with S and ending in T...and its not Stewart is it!!!

Hope you find a little time in the day for a little of what you need to feed your soul, your kind of R&R.
X Auds

Pequete said...

Four days (so many?!!!) without checking on you, and I'm greeted with a series of great posts and photos just like in the "old days". Thank you for this great tour around the city of my heart and its surroundings. It's great to look at the bridge from here, looking so serene (it was not, when I had to cross it every morning...)

RUTH said...

It's just turned midnight here so is now the 29th...Happy Birthday Time And A Word!
With love & respect

Sheila said...

I'm here from Ruth's blog to wish you a "Happy Blogiversary"...and what do I find..Portugal...!
I love the place...and my last post included some piccies we took in February this year.
I will be back here again to get my Portugal fix ..Obrigada..!

darkdarling said...

Great shots! nice have such touring of Lisbon out here.


Icarus said...

Ame, great to see you taking steps out again. And yes, I AM a joker! Thank Zeus. I need to be!
And pequete, who I miss, stay by!
Thank you PWB, Ruth, Auds, DD for your appreciation, for being here.
And a special welcome to Sheila, (you didn't know I was in Portugal??), because you made me curious to find out what Ruth had done to lead you here. I'm still overwhelmed by what she posted. In fact, I think I still will be if Zeus lets me stay till this time next year! I'm going to visit you to find out where you were in February. I have a hunch (or as we say in Portuguese, um palpite).....

Cergie said...

Tu prends des risques quand tu fais des photos ! Tu ne t'es pas fait tremper par cetet vague furieuse ?
(Remarque mon mari se méfie quand je m'avance pour photographier les trains, et il a raison)

Waldo Oiseau said...

Love the photo of the fisherman. Interesting blog!

Mandy said...

love the cat!